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I began to save my recipes and discovered that I could put them into Cook Book form, and make them available to my Customers.  The Book are Self Published, Hard Cover with a Dust Cover Jacket. Each book is Printed to order, and are currently in stock.

With Each Book, I have Spent a lot of time to Research all of the Recipes.  Each Book is complete with Photos and Techniques for Preparing the Best Meals.    I am sure that you will find that All of the Books are Very Complete.

EVERYDAY CAKES and Other Decacences

Everyday Cakes cover

Everyday Cakes, I also call them “Dinner Party Cakes”, or “Potluck Cakes”, or “If you bake a cake, the people will come” cakes.

This book contains 83 recipes,  250 pages, including some non-cake recipes (other decandences). Mostly easy recipes that you will be happy to bake over and over again.

The chapters include: Everyday Cakes, Plain Cakes, Everyday Chocolate Cakes, Iced Cakes, Upside-Down Cakes, Morning Cakes, Lost Cakes, Drunken Cakes, Ice-Cream Cakes and Other Decandences.

Everyday Cakes front and back







When is comes to comfort foods, there is nothing that speaks to that more than Soups and Stews.  Soup is probably the most perfect meal, it evokes a sense of Comfort that only most foods could only hope to acheive. With 52 recipes, 150 pages.s

The chapters include: SOUP BASICS, CLASSIC SOUPS, HEARTY SOUPS, CHOWDERS AND BISQUES, WORLD SOUPS, STEWS, CHILI, CHILLED SOUPS AND ACCOMPANIMENTS (including: recipes for breads, crackers, scones and biscuits).

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Breakfast Cookbook


This, my third cookbook offers 80 recipes, ranging from old favorites to fresh new ideas and techniques.  Whether you are looking for a dish to prepare in advance and eat on a busy weekday, or a special treat to enjoy on a more leisurely weekend morning,  or something different , this book has recipes to suit all tastes,  and for special brunch gatherings-will help you plan an irresistible menu to share with family and friends and even your favorite four legged family member.

With 202 pages and chapters that include: Eggs 101/Easy Egg Breakfasts, The Classics, Pancakes, Waffles, French Toast, Brunch, Cereals and Granola, Side Dishes, Biscuits, Muffins and Scones, Breakfast for Lunch, Breakfast for Dinner and Breakfast for Buddy, this book is very complete and has some really fun recipes like: Breakfast Pizza, Chicken and Waffles, Waffled French Toasts along with classics like Eggs Benedict and Blueberry Blintzes and much more.

This like my other books are self published and are packed with great recipes for the first meal of the day.

BREAKFAST front and back




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