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“WOW this really is the best Barbecue Sauce I have ever had. Bought 2 bottles…they are already gone. Not much goes that fast in our house. Donald Lane is a GENIUS”…               Barbara W. Monument, Colorado

“Your Orange Marmalade is what I would imagine Johnny Depp would taste like”…       Lois M.  Orlando, Fla.

“I eat your Marmalade with a spoon, right out of the jar,  It’s that good”…         Donna W. Norwell, Ma.

“Mom, I want a jar of DBL Cuisine Blueberry with Basil Jam in my Christmas Stocking, this year”…    Brandon B.   Norwell, Ma.

“The Grapefruit Marmalade is my absolute favorite, I love it on toast,  send more, now”     Don H.   Sonoma, CA.

“Your Strawberry Jam is the best jam I have ever tasted”                           Dottie S. Indianapolis, In.

“The Orange Marmalade is the best, here is my order for 5 more jars, and I am not going to share a single jar of it”…                       Marcia R.   Huntington Beach, CA.

“I was out of town and my house sitter ate all of my Marmalade, I hate her,  send more!”…     Marion S.   Glendale, CA.

“I used your Chili Orange Marmalade on Pork Chops, WOW, they were the best I ever had, you are a Genius”……                               Kathy R.  Rossmore, CA.

“Your Gingerbread is the best thing I have ever had, it reminds me of growing up in the south,  I love you”….            Marcia R. Huntington Beach, Ca. 

“That  (Lemon Pound cake) was the best cake I ever had”                        Dane V. Pittsburg, PA.



This summer we were asked to produce 176 jars of our jams to be used as gifts for the guests at a most beautiful wedding for Shannon Byrne and Greg Antman.  It was to be a tie in with a Farm in Cape Cod, that does great work with “Special Needs” Children.  They provided the herbs and we did the rest.  What we did was Blueberry/Basil Jam and Orange Marmalade with Thyme, with custom labels and all were boxed and placed at each place setting. to rave reviews.

Bryne/Antman wedding

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