Monthly Archives: January 2013

Creamy Mac-and-Cheese

Creamy Mac-and-Cheese A triumph of the macaroni-and-cheese spirit and do you know what? It was all that and then some. This macaroni-and-cheese recipe might be the best thing since both macaroni and cheese. Even better, it passes the most important test: it reheats like a charm, staying creamy and ohmahgaahblaa…delicious!  I just melted into a puddle remembering how good it… (more…)

Sticky Orange and Vanilla Upside-down Cake

Sticky Orange and Vanilla Upside-down Cake The sweet, tangy, vanilla, citrusy, caramelized oranges is the star of this cake. The orange peel makes this cake really tangy. I also love the sweet fragrance and taste of the vanilla bean in this cake.  Oranges are my usual “Go to“,  when in doubt add orange zest or juice and it makes everything… (more…)